People Portraits


When doing portraits (people or pets), I focus on capturing

the eyes.  I believe if you get the eyes, you have captured 

the person. Having them come alive on paper or canvas is

very satisfying.


The portrait titled "Gordon Lightfoot" was a piece I just

wanted to do for the fun of it.  Although more like an oil

sketch, it is one of my favorites.  I was very free with my

brush strokes and the end result is a piece very similar in

technique to an artist by the name of John Singer Sargent.  

I am amazed how he made every stroke count.

The portrait titled "Day Dreaming" is a favorite of all who

see it.  The bond between a boy and his dog is so special . . .

another piece I really enjoyed doing.     

© 2013 Art-by-Ron.  All rights reserved.

© 2013 Art-by-Ron.  All rights reserved.

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© 2013 Art-by-Ron.  All rights reserved.