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A few words about the pieces:  


The piece titled "There was music, so we danced" is my first abstract.  The inspiration came from a moment at an art show where I was displaying my work.  I was in my booth talking to a woman I knew while a band played nearby.  As the music filled the air, my friend said it made her feel like dancing.  So right then and there, I grabbed her and we started to dance . . . just in the moment.  I enjoyed painting that feeling; something I plan to do more of.


The skeleton playing the cello was also a little out of

my "comfort zone" but at the same time very

personal to me.  I wanted to make a statement to

myself and also to the world.  The title of the piece is:

"Listen to Your Heart Before It's to Late".

© 2013 Art-by-Ron.  All rights reserved.

© 2013 Art-by-Ron.  All rights reserved.

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© 2013 Art-by-Ron.  All rights reserved.